Florida Stand Your Ground law cases

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Florida Stand Your Ground law cases

If someone has reason to believe that they are in immediate danger or are threatened, face serious body harm or possibly death, the stand-your-ground law states that that individual doesn’t need to back down and has a lawful right to use any level of force. As of 2005 this law is enforced in the state of Florida. Here are some shocking cases concerning this law.

In 2006 Jason Rosenbloom allegedly placed eight trash bags on his curb, instead of allowed six. His neighbour, Kenneth Allen was upset and the two got into a verbal dispute. Rosenbloom approached Allen, and Allen shot him twice, in the stomach and the chest. He claimed that Rosenbloom had tried to get into his house. At that time the Stand Your Ground law was new and Allen was not charged, but if it had been a year and a half ago, he might have been arrested for attempted murder.

In 2007 in Riviera Beach, a man was shot in the back of his head. The victim, Michael Palmer, and Timothy McTigue got into a fight, during which Palmer allegedly tried to drown McTigue. Palmer started to pull back and climb out of the water, at which time McTigue shot him in the back of the head. Based on Stand Your Ground law, McTigue was acquitted.

imagesizerIn West Palm Beach in 2008, Tony Hayward, who was delivering newspapers, fatally shot Jyron Miles, claiming that Miles approached him and was reaching for a gun. Hayward was acquitted.

In 2008 in Hudson, two men, Anthony Boglino who was 64 years old at the time, and Haigh Frank Kopain, who was 36, got into a fight. Boglino felt threatened, but was unable to defend himself due to his arthritis, so he shot and wounded Kopain. Boglino was acquitted.

In 2009 in Orlando, Lucus Termitus was shot and killed by Jackson Fleurimon, who claimed that Termitus came to his apartment waving a gun. Fleurimon’s girlfriend told the police that Termitus was shot because he told Fleurimon not to sell the dope on his side of the complex. Fleurimon was acquitted.

In Homosassa in 2009, a dog dispute proved fatal for Shane Huse. His neighbour, Oscar Delbono shot Huse in front of his two young children who were in the truck. Witnesses say that Huse was walking away from Delbono when he fired his gun, however Delbono was not charged with a crime.

bloody_knife_300x90In 2012 in Miami, Greyston Garcia witnessed Pedro Roteta stealing a stereo from his truck. Roteta ran away and Garcia pursued him, and the surveillance video showed that the robber threw a bag of stolen stereos at him. Garcia finally caught up with Roteta and stabbed him, then hid the knife in his home and sold two of the stolen stereos. The judge dismissed the case against Garcia.

In 2012 in Brandon, Ralph Wald who was 70 years old at the time walked in on his wife and their neighbour Walter Conley having intercourse. Wald shot Conley dead, claiming that he did not recognise him and was under the impression that his wife was being raped. After two-hour deliberation, Wald was acquitted.